“Two Feet” performance on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert (CBS)

creative direction: trevor stirlin burk / visual noise creative
production: twenty four seven
lighting design: seth bernstein

Fiddler On The Roof Broadway Commercial

directors: jamaal + bashan
dp: aaron phillips
ld: seth bernstein
produced by very rare productions

Sons of Liberty & Sam Adams (History Channel)

produced by The Collective @ Lair
director: brian haimes
DP: linda peters
gaffer/LD: seth bernstein

Pepsi Halftime Hype Commercial

produced and directed by Quiet Content
DP: Aaron Phillips
gaffer/LD: Seth Bernstein

Birds Eye Recipe Ready Broadcast Commercial

produced by lair
director: Thor Raxlen
DP: Derek McKane
lighting director: Seth Bernstein

Small Frye Kids Boots Commercial

Frye Boots Heritage Video